The FORT Podcast: Sahil Bloom – The Business of Building a Content Empire That Inspires Millions

Sahil Bloom is an inspirational writer and content creator, captivating millions of people every week through his social insights and bi-weekly newsletter, The Curiosity Chronicle.

Sahil is also a successful entrepreneur and owner of SRB Holdings, a personal holding company currently comprised of seven cash-flowing businesses, and the Managing Partner of SRB Ventures, a $10 million venture investment firm committed to investing in and accelerating the most compelling startups in the world. Prior to launching SRB Ventures in January 2022, Sahil was an early-stage investor in 40+ startups across the technology landscape, including multiple unicorns.

On this episode, Chris & Sahil discuss:

➡️ Sahil’s upbringing and core influences

➡️ building an audience & spinning up online businesses

➡️ where he’s reinvesting money

➡️ His forthcoming book

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(00:05:12) Sahil’s life in New York

(00:07:45) Sahil’s upbringing and core influences

(00:20:19) The day Sahil decided to start writing online

(00:25:10) How do you explain what you do?

(00:28:09) Finding a network on Twitter

(00:30:53) Making the decision to not engage in Twitter BS

(00:35:17) Realizing this could become a business

(00:41:37) Making big decisions requires speed

(00:43:50) Spending time simply to think

(00:47:13) Sahil’s vision for a future ecosystem

(00:54:50) How Sahil spins up new businesses

(00:56:33) How would you describe your flywheel?

(01:01:53) Writing a book

(01:08:12) The power of LinkedIn

(01:10:35) How are you reinvesting the money you’re making?

(01:17:01) Plans for the future

(01:21:06) Is there an infinite amount of things to talk about in your brand?


Episode Summary

In the dynamic realm of business podcasts, the episode with Sahil Bloom, hosted by Chris Powers, stands out as an invaluable resource for real estate enthusiasts and professionals. Sahil Bloom, recognized for his profound insights and strategic acumen, has carved a niche for himself in the expansive world of real estate. His trajectory, marked by astute decision-making and an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, offers a goldmine of knowledge for listeners.

The episode commences with a nostalgic exchange, highlighting Sahil’s noteworthy contributions to the podcast universe. This serves as a prelude to the deep dive into the multifaceted realm of real estate. Emphasizing the essence of adaptability, Sahil underscores the importance of staying abreast of market dynamics. His insights into the challenges and potential growth areas within the industry provide listeners with a comprehensive overview of the real estate domain.

As the discussion progresses, Sahil’s unique approach to real estate investments emerges as a focal point. He elucidates his methodology for evaluating potential deals, masterfully balancing intuition with rigorous market analysis. This segment is a veritable masterclass for budding investors, offering a pragmatic blueprint for identifying lucrative investment opportunities and mitigating inherent risks.

Market trends, an ever-relevant topic in the real estate sector, are dissected with precision. Sahil, armed with his deep-seated industry knowledge, presents a holistic perspective on the market’s trajectory. He delves into potential growth sectors, shedding light on the challenges and strategies essential for navigating the dynamic real estate landscape.

The intricacies of construction within real estate are explored in depth. Sahil imparts knowledge on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges shaping the construction arena. His emphasis on technological advancements and strategic planning offers a clear roadmap for professionals venturing into real estate construction.

Sahil’s unique business strategies, marked by adaptability and foresight, form another cornerstone of the discussion. He shares his experiences, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and recalibrating strategies in tandem with evolving market dynamics. This segment offers listeners a strategic edge, equipping them with actionable insights to thrive in the competitive real estate sector.

Towards the episode’s conclusion, Sahil reflects on the future prospects of the real estate market. The duo delves into potential growth areas and impending challenges, crafting a vision for the industry’s evolution. The episode culminates with a focus on the transformative landscape of real estate, emphasizing the tenets of perseverance, adaptability, and strategic vision.

In essence, the episode with Sahil Bloom is indispensable for anyone keen on understanding the complexities and opportunities within the real estate industry. Sahil’s seasoned expertise, combined with Chris Powers’ probing queries, ensures listeners walk away with a wealth of knowledge and strategies to navigate the real estate domain. For those vested in the industry, this episode promises clarity, direction, and a distinct strategic advantage.


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