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Fort was founded in 2014 as a privately-owned real estate investment firm. Over the years, Fort has built a track record of transacting more than $2.1B in assets throughout the major markets in Texas, as well as Florida and Tennessee. Our team is dedicated to acquiring and managing income-producing, institutional-quality industrial assets throughout Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Our capabilities include investment management, acquisitions & dispositions, and property management. We are dedicated to providing exceptional returns to our investors and stakeholders through a thoughtful approach to investing, financing, and operating prime industrial assets.

Track Record

A hardworking team, data-based investment decisions, and impeccable operation of our assets have driven our expedited growth.


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We operate as a team of high-caliber, multitalented individuals who strive to acquire and operate prime real estate assets that meet or exceed our investors’ expectations through our core competencies.

Fort strives to provide investment opportunities that create lasting value and above-average returns for our investors. We are driven to acquire income-producing, institutional-quality real estate assets that meet or exceed the highest investment criteria. We have worked tirelessly to develop iron-clad due diligence and research processes to evaluate each property based on underlying asset values and risks associated. Once under our management, our fully integrated team oversees all aspects of an asset ensuring it is operated at the highest level.

With a track record of making sound financial decisions at all stages of the asset management process, we remain focused on increasing investment value and augmented returns. As investors ourselves, we understand our investors’ needs, desires, and expectations. We know the amount of detail and level of professionalism required and expected. We are committed to creating an optimal investor experience while providing total transparency at all stages in the investment management process.

Fort evaluates industrial investment opportunities to find exceptional, risk-adjusted real estate assets in high-growth markets. We employ an analytical underwriting approach focused on an investment’s ability to generate additional value and cash flow. This approach allows us to profitably hold assets until the optimal divestment opportunity arises. Whether selling a single asset or an aggregated portfolio, we attract buyers at the institutional level.

With experience in closing more than $2.1B in real estate transactions, Fort has established a reputation for being a company that can be counted on. Our close relationships with equity partners and lenders give us an advantage to move quickly and offer attractive terms to any seller. In the end, we do what we say we are going to do with integrity throughout the entire transaction process. Do you have a deal you think we’d like? Please submit it to our Deal Team at

Our property management team is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of all our properties, from regular maintenance and repairs to financial management and tenant relations. We leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to streamline our processes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall experience for our tenants. Our proactive approach to property management not only preserves the value of our assets but also drives their long-term appreciation. To learn more about our third-party property management services, contact

When it comes to leasing, we understand that it’s about more than just filling vacancies. Our leasing strategy is designed to attract and retain high-quality tenants who will contribute positively to our portfolios. We work closely with prospective tenants to understand their needs and match them with the right properties. Our leasing team is also skilled at negotiating favorable terms that align with our business objectives.

Culture of Innovation

In the digital age, data is growing faster than ever before in human history. At Fort, we recognized the opportunity that this data explosion presented, and shaped our operational and cultural DNA around the trend. We aren’t just early adopters of the technologies necessary to operate and thrive in the digital age – we are creating those technologies.


When we couldn’t find a product in the marketplace that would answer our data and operating needs, we built our own proprietary operating system. Fort Operating System (FOS) is the platform in which all internal business is conducted at Fort, automatically collecting and integrating all of our software systems and data for a single source of truth across the company.

FOS integrates all systems and data sources into a single platform, creating a “single source of truth” that enhances operational efficiency and reduces overhead. Developed in-house, FOS enables real-time data access, ensuring the entire company benefits from accurate information. This centralized approach streamlines operations and positions Fort to adapt quickly to new technological challenges.

Our robust architecture supports scalable and secure data management, vital for handling increasing volumes and complex processes. By unifying disparate data, FOS empowers Fort with real-time decision-making capabilities, promoting a data-driven culture that underpins strategic planning and operational transparency. This strategic use of proprietary technology boosts efficiency and secures a competitive advantage by maximizing business outcomes and fostering continuous innovation.

FOS efficiently gathers and organizes data from a myriad of sources into a cohesive system. With FOS’s data aggregation capabilities, we instantly comb through property data, ownership records, and market trends to pinpoint the best opportunities. Our ability to analyze vast datasets empowers us to conduct deep market research, predictive analyses, and advanced, predictive learning based on historical investment decisions.

Taking it to the next level, FOS Maps provides an unparalleled vantage point. It offers real-time insights by mapping identified investment opportunities and market trends, equipping our team with a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of any opportunity, in any market, at any time. This industry-leading approach helps us maintain a competitive edge, turning data into a strategic advantage.

FOS excels in optimizing the performance of our assets by harnessing real-time data. This dynamic system compares our assets within the portfolio to both internal and market benchmarks, ensuring each investment achieves maximized returns. Fort can rapidly respond to market changes and enhance the strategic positioning and profitability of our assets. This technology framework supports a proactive approach to managing our operating assets, where decisions are informed by comprehensive data and analytics.

FOS Dashboards and FOS Reports provide a detailed, real-time overview of asset conditions and performance, enabling immediate insights and smarter, data-driven decisions. This sophisticated approach allows Fort to exceed industry standards, maintaining our lead through superior asset performance and strategic foresight. By leveraging advanced technology and analytics, we continue to drive innovation and excellence in the management of our investments.

Fort’s commitment to operational excellence is evident within FOS, a platform designed to elevate productivity and streamline operations. By leveraging advanced technology and prioritizing efficiency, FOS enables us to adapt swiftly to market demands and operational challenges. Ultimately, FOS automates processes, enhances accountability, and ensures visibility across all levels.

With detailed workflows and automated reminders, FOS Flows minimizes human error and maintains process compliance. The seamless integration of FOS Flows into our daily operations fosters a high-frequency, efficient environment, optimizing continuous operations and ensuring every team member is accountable and each process step is transparent and traceable.

In our pursuit of efficiency and innovative data management, we were inspired to develop the ultimate abstraction of FOS, Foster. As a specialized large language model, Foster transforms FOS from an operational platform into a strategic ally, enabling direct access to our data through natural language. Tailored to each employee, Foster offers assistance from delivering financial insights to identifying market trends.

With Foster, Fort’s collective intelligence becomes more accessible than ever, empowering team members to streamline complex processes and make well-informed decisions based on real-time insights. Foster embodies the culmination of Fort’s past achievements, current focus, and future aspirations, reinforcing our commitment to pioneer innovation and operational excellence within the real estate investment sector.

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