The FORT Podcast: Artem Tepler – Co-Founder @ SCHON | TEPLER Partners – Developing Real Estate and Living the American Dream

Born in Siberia, Artem immigrated to the United States at the age of nine. In 2009 he formed SCHON | TEPLER Partners to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities in distressed residential real estate during the GFC and has evolved into a full-service, vertically integrated, multi-family real estate development firm. Since his first purchase of a single-family house as an investment for $300k at the age of 23, Artem has been involved as a principal in the development/redevelopment of more than $400m of real estate.

On this episode, Chris and Artem discuss:

➡️ Life in Siberia under Communism

➡️ Immigrating to the United States

➡️ The thread between Jiu Jitsu and Career success

➡️ A walkthrough of putting together a Los Angeles Multifamily project


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(00:04:02) Discovering Zyn

(00:05:41) Life in Siberia under Communism

(00:13:14) Immigrating to America

(00:19:14) Thoughts on Russia/Ukraine

(00:27:21) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

(00:32:58) Artem’s early RE career

(00:48:56) Buying a home from a murderer

(00:51:10) Artem’s business today

(00:54:10) Self-performing construction vs. outsourcing

(01:03:54) Measuring success in construction

(01:14:19) How an LA project comes together

(01:25:10) Covid’s Impact on Multifamily

(01:31:26) Affordable housing

(01:34:00) Thoughts on the near-term market


Episode Summary

In the dynamic realm of real estate, few journeys are as compelling as that of Artem Tepler. On Chris Powers’ esteemed podcast, Tepler, a distinguished figure in the Los Angeles real estate sector, delves deep into his experiences, sharing invaluable insights that resonate with both novices and seasoned professionals in the industry.

Originating from Siberia, Tepler’s transition to America at the age of nine presented its own set of unique challenges and opportunities. This foundational chapter of his life not only shaped his worldview but also instilled a deep appreciation for the vast opportunities that the U.S. real estate market presents. His subsequent ascent in the Los Angeles real estate scene stands as a testament to his tenacity, strategic vision, and adaptability.

The podcast episode zeroes in on the intricacies of the Los Angeles real estate market. Tepler provides a granular analysis of the market’s characteristics, highlighting both its potential and the challenges that investors often grapple with. With Los Angeles being a microcosm of diverse property types, Tepler’s insights into the investment potential of various assets—from commercial ventures to residential spaces—are particularly enlightening.

Beyond the city’s confines, the broader contours of the real estate sector come under scrutiny. Tepler and Powers dissect current market trends, identifying potential growth areas and the inherent challenges that shape the industry’s trajectory. Here, Tepler’s emphasis on adaptability and strategic foresight becomes evident. He underscores the importance of staying agile in a market known for its flux, stressing the need for continuous learning and recalibration.

A segment of the conversation also focuses on the world of construction within real estate. Tepler shares his perspective on the innovations driving the construction landscape and the challenges that often accompany them. His approach to navigating these challenges, rooted in strategic planning and risk mitigation, offers listeners a pragmatic blueprint for success in this domain.

Diversifying the discussion, Tepler elaborates on his criteria for evaluating potential deals. Merging intuition with rigorous market analysis, he outlines his methodology for identifying lucrative investment opportunities. This segment offers listeners actionable insights, equipping them with tools to enhance their own investment strategies.

The episode concludes with Tepler reflecting on the broader implications of his journey. From his early days in Siberia to his current stature in the Los Angeles real estate sector, his trajectory serves as a beacon of perseverance, adaptability, and strategic vision. For listeners, the episode encapsulates the essence of success in the real estate domain, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to the craft.

In essence, Chris Powers’ podcast episode with Artem Tepler emerges as an indispensable resource for anyone vested in the real estate sector. Through a judicious blend of personal narratives and market insights, the episode offers a comprehensive overview of the industry’s dynamics, challenges, and growth prospects. Whether you’re just embarking on your real estate journey or are a seasoned professional, this episode promises to equip you with knowledge, strategies, and inspiration that can catalyze your success in the field.


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