The FORT Podcast: Ryan Eisenman – Co-Founder of Arch – Building The Digital Admin for Private Investments

Ryan Eisenman is the co-founder and CEO of Arch, a digital solution utilized by over 180 private investment firms to automate the administration and management of tens of $Bs of alternative investments.

Ryan is a Houston native, graduated from Vanderbilt University, and now lives in New York City where Arch is headquartered.

On this episode Chris and Ryan discuss:

  • the story of how he got the idea to build and execute on Arch
  • the issues behind managing wealth and private investments
  • how he raised VC capital
  • Ryan asks Chris several questions about his career

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(2:27) – Ryan’s background and career

(3:49) – The Israeli Entrepreneurship scene

(6:41) – Ryan’s journey to founding Arch

(12:16) – What are you solving with Arch?

(14:15) – Who are the customers for Arch?

(15:13) – What was your experience raising capital in 2021?

(17:14) – What do you lean on VC’s for?

(19:20) – How do you break into the VC world and start setting meetings?

(20:30) – How long did it take to convince your first major investor?

(23:09) – How often do you talk to your investors?

(23:25) – What’s “the next stage” of the business?

(24:53) – Why was $1mm in revenue the point where you brought in more sales staff?

(26:37) – How has your role changed as the company grows?

Ryan Interviews Chris

(28:17) – Chris’ thoughts on what’s broken in this industry

(33:11) – What is and what should your first step be after a major liquidity event?

(35:16) – What separates a great advisor from the rest of the pack?

(38:27) – Chris’ role as an asset Manager and the purpose of Fort Capital

(40:54) – How did you raise your first deals?

(42:13) – Where do you see FC in 5 years? 15 years?

(43:29) – How is the current market affecting your strategy?

(48:43) – Being fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful

(52:10)- What would you be building if you had to work somewhere else?


Episode Summary

Ryan Eisenman, known for his deep understanding of real estate, joined Chris Powers’ podcast to share his thoughts on the changing landscape of the industry. Coming from a family rooted in investment, Eisenman’s insights aren’t just from books or boardrooms but from a rich lineage of hands-on experience.

The chat kicked off with a simple dive into the world of private markets. Eisenman talked about the need for a platform where investors can see all their investments in one place. Just like we organize our books on a shelf, Eisenman’s idea was to give investors a digital shelf for their investments.

Chris, being a seasoned investor himself, shared his journey into real estate. He talked about starting in college and how he cleverly used the easy financing available to students back then. Today, his company manages a vast portfolio of industrial properties, proving that a little entrepreneurial spirit in college can go a long way.

The conversation then shifted to challenges. Just as every rose has its thorn, the real estate industry has its hurdles. One of the major ones? The housing industry’s slow pace. However, every cloud has a silver lining. This slowdown prompted businesses to think outside the box, reevaluate their models, and adapt to a new digital-first world.

Office spaces also became a hot topic. With many working from home, what does the future of offices look like? Eisenman was hopeful, talking about innovative projects that change the way we see office spaces. It’s not just about cubicles and conference rooms but adapting to the needs of a modern workforce.

Safety was another key point. Everyone loves a beautiful building, but what’s more important is that it’s safe for everyone inside. Eisenman shared his thoughts on how safety should always be a priority, no matter what.

Wrapping up, the two revisited the role of contractors in the construction world. As Eisenman explained, they wear many hats, from ensuring safety to leading business strategies. Their role is like the backbone of any project, holding everything together.

To sum it all up, the chat with Ryan Eisenman was like a masterclass in real estate. From the complexities of investment to the simple joys of seeing a project come to life, listeners got a 360-degree view of the industry. For anyone looking to dive into real estate or just learn a bit more, this episode is a goldmine of knowledge. With Eisenman’s expertise guiding the conversation, it was an enlightening listen from start to finish.

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