The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers & Jason Baxter – Fort’s 2022 Year in Review

In today’s episode, Chris Powers and Jason Baxter take a look at the last year for Fort and discuss the biggest wins of the year. How our team and technology have progressed, how we are looking at the market in 2023, what makes Fort so special, and much, much more.

At Fort, our mission is to become the best real estate operator in the entire world. We’re always considering how we can operate better, acquire more real estate, improve our credibility and track record, attract top-tier talent, and drive more profit and returns to our investors.

So I’m delighted to say that following off the back of an incredible year in 2021, in which we smashed all of the targets we outlined in last year’s Year in Review, we have stretched even further in 2022 to outperform our initial goals in every metric we set out.

Today, I’m excited to discuss and hope you can take something from what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months and carry it with you in 2023.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The background to 2022 (02:24)
  • Our revamped investor reporting process (12:35)
  • Our underwriting import tool (19:48)
  • Our brand-new deal sourcing tool (29:29)
  • How do we effectively work through markets? (36:55)
  • What sets us apart in our industry? (43:01)
  • How our dashboard utilization has improved so rapidly (52:11)
  • Cash management for 2023 and beyond (1:01:36)
  • What we achieved in 2023 (1:09:20)
  • Fort University (1:17:05)

Episode Summary

Recently, on an enlightening episode of Chris Powers’ podcast, Jason Baxter, a leading member of our Fort team, provided a detailed reflection on our endeavors throughout 2022. Those familiar with Jason know that his deep-rooted association with us grants him a unique vantage point on our operations and strategy.

A key takeaway from the conversation was our approach to real estate. At Fort, we pride ourselves on going beyond mere transactions. Instead, we’re committed to problem-solving and innovative thinking. This mindset, rooted in our foundational principles, has enabled us to grow sustainably and navigate challenges with agility.

An important aspect discussed was our strategic use of technology. While we recognize the significance of technological advancements, we see them as tools to augment our decision-making processes. Jason’s mention of the flywheel analogy illustrates our belief: technology, though not central, amplifies our operational efficiency and broadens our informational reach.

Furthermore, Jason touched upon our ability to diversify across markets. Our keen interest extends beyond Texas, with the sunbelt region catching our attention. Our proactive strategy, equipped with the latest methodologies, positions us advantageously, allowing us to seize potential opportunities swiftly.

The dialogue also shed light on our approach to asset management. We understand the importance of proactive financial oversight, market trend analysis, and staying adaptive. This ensures that we, at Fort, consistently make informed decisions, from our management practices to our rent-setting parameters.

In summary, Jason Baxter’s insights on Chris Powers’ podcast offer a comprehensive overview of our journey in 2022. For members of our community and those interested in our ventures, this episode is an invaluable resource. It encapsulates our commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic growth in the real estate landscape. We encourage you to tune in and gain deeper insights into our mission and vision for the future.

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