The FORT Podcast: Rohun Jauhar – Co-Founder JT Capital – Value Add MF, Virtual Assistants & Automation, Working @ FB

Rohun is the co-founder of JT Capital, a Real Estate investment firm with 9-figures of acquisitions of multifamily apartment complexes.  JT Capital has purchased over $500 Million in successful Multifamily properties using their time-tested approach of using data, relationships, and work ethic to find great investments for investors.

On this episode, Chris and Rohun discuss Rohun’s career prior to real estate at various tech companies such as Facebook, his entry into the real estate world, and how he has been able to grow JT Capital without increasing overhead. Rohun details how he utilizes VA’s to automate or delegate nearly all aspects of the business, why he invests in primarily Texas & Florida, getting emails from Mark Zuckerberg at 4 am and much more! Enjoy.

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(02:44) – Rohun’s Background and Career

(06:40) – What does a chief of staff role look like?

(09:43) – What makes a great executive and what makes a poor executive?

(11:25) – Rohun’s Experience Working as an Apprentice When First Getting into RE

(15:22) – How is JT Capital structured and how did you land on the thesis for the organization?

(18:01) – How do you think about ‘Value-add’?

(19:16) – Where are places that ‘lazy’ landlords have bloated costs that can be easily identified?

(21:17) – Is there a minimum size you won’t go below and why is that?

(21:58) – What’s your process for unit renovations?

(25:42) – Do you renovate all your units or is there a certain percentage that you’ll leave for the next owner?

(27:00) – What is your asset manager looking to achieve on the lease-up and renovation stage as well as stabilization?

(29:43) – How quickly are you trying to turn over a unit?

(30:47) – What do discussions with tenants look like when you want to renovate while they’re already living there?

(34:12) – Why do you like Texas and Florida?

(36:44) – How have you been able to grow while keeping overhead so low?

(42:08) – How are you finding your VA’s?


(44:31) – What’s the turnover rate for VA’s?

(46:31) – What’s the threshold that someone should be looking for a VA?

(47:24) – Is the Philippines a hub for English fluency and writing?

(48:49) – What’s an interesting connection you’ve made through Zapier?

(52:27) – How do you capitalize deals going in and what are you looking for on a sale?

(55:28) – Getting Emails from Mark Zuckerberg at 4 am

(59:27) – What makes Zuckerberg such a great leader?

(1:03:12) – Is part of FB’s advantage their massive amount of capital they can deploy at any moment?

(1:05:09) – (Not financial advice!) Is it still early enough to invest in Facebook?

Rohun’s Newsletter

(1:05:54) – What do you think about the world right now?

(1:10:50) – Where are you seeing opportunity in REtech?

(1:14:03) – Is there anything you’ve read this year that stood out to you?

The Winner Within by Pat Riley

The Sovereign Individual by James Davidson

Poor Charlie’s Almanack

(1:16:25) – What’s one thing you believe in that most people around you don’t?

(1:18:09) – How can people get in touch with you?

Rohun on Twitter


Episode Summary

Rohun Jauhar, distinguished for his profound insights into investment and entrepreneurship, shares his wealth of knowledge, enriching the discussion with his seasoned experience.

The conversation embarks on a journey into the nuances of entrepreneurship and deal flow within the United States. Jauhar emphasizes the paramount importance of robust networks and relationships, especially with entrepreneurs from renowned institutions. This network, intricately woven with the threads of mutual respect and shared knowledge, significantly influences deal flow and unveils unique investment opportunities within the dynamic U.S. market. The discussion underscores the synergy between access to prestigious entrepreneurial networks and the enhancement of deal flow, spotlighting their collective impact on bolstering investment prospects.

As the dialogue traverses the intricate pathways of investment evaluation, the focus sharpens on venture capital. With a keen eye on the foundational pillars of investment decisions, Jauhar highlights the pivotal role of a founder’s track record. His insights illuminate the potential pitfalls nestled within the allure of rapid business growth and aggressive spending. Through a meticulous exploration of real-world examples, Jauhar unravels the layers of prudent investment decision-making, accentuating the necessity of a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted market landscape.

Navigating the terrain of market dynamics, the conversation delves into their influential role on investment vintages. The discussion unravels the threads of market conditions, meticulously examining their impact on shaping the allure of diverse investment opportunities. Jauhar and Powers collaboratively navigate the 2022 investment landscape, juxtaposing it against the backdrop of the 2012 vintage, thereby offering a panoramic view of the evolving investment vista.

Amidst the exploration of investment landscapes, the dialogue gracefully transitions to the real estate realm. The discussion accentuates the pivotal role of a strategic approach to acquisitions, underscoring the importance of a nuanced understanding of the broader market context. The duo delves into the integration of cutting-edge technology in the investment and real estate domain, highlighting its transformative impact on enhancing investment decisions. Jauhar’s insights illuminate the path towards leveraging technological advancements for informed, strategic, and effective investment choices.

The conversation further explores the expanses of market diversification, with Jauhar elucidating the agility and strategic foresight required to seamlessly navigate new markets. He emphasizes the significance of identifying lucrative opportunities, underpinned by technological innovation, to ensure a sustained competitive edge in the bustling investment and real estate sectors.

Circling back to the core theme of entrepreneurship, the dialogue delves deeper into the operational frameworks of investment entities. The discussion underscores the instrumental role of technology as a potent enabler, augmenting the capacity to make astute and informed investment decisions. Jauhar’s insights stand as a beacon, guiding the way towards the consistent creation of unparalleled value and a steady stream of cash flow for investors, thereby fortifying the foundations of investment success in the dynamic realms of real estate and beyond.

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