Who We Are

Fort believes in the power of people. We have built a team that is passionate about creating long-term value through unique, inspired, and enduring real estate investment ideas. Since then, we have collectively made a commitment to push ourselves further while asking ourselves how we can become better, do things differently, and innovate our processes. Our driven and agile team works together without limits, and we are dedicated to turning our ideas into tangible realities.

Our purpose is to create a place that attracts the most talented individuals and provide an environment that inspires them to be their absolute best.

Real estate is what Fort does, but creating an environment that pushes our team to be the best version of themselves is why we do it. Fort is by and large a real estate company but beneath that, we are heavily focused on technology and fostering a world-class culture. We started by asking ourselves, “Why do we do what we do?” and “Who are we?” – and the company was built up from there. At the end of the day, we are trying to grow as people and as a team to provide opportunities for ourselves, our investors, and our community.

“If you’re not first and foremost focused on your own team and the people you’re surrounding yourself with, then your business will suffer.”

CHRIS POWERS / Founder & Executive Chairman


We are honored to be a part of these distinguished lists of companies.

Fastest-Growing Private Real Estate Company In Texas

Inc. 5000 Southwest List

Best Workplace in Real Estate


Fastest-Growing Private Real Estate Company In America

Inc. 5000 National List

Core Values

Our Core Values serve as the foundation which we expect our employees and company to conduct business. They have been carefully crafted and refined in an effort to accurately represent who we are as a company. Learn more about our process and learnings on our Insights page.

Not only are we forward-thinking, but we actually do what we say we’re going to do and make thorough communication a priority along the way. Each team member is accountable to themselves, their team, and to the company.

The world is moving fast, but Fort is committed to moving faster. We demonstrate relentless efforts to stay ahead of the curve, stay on track, and stay focused.

We are built for change and are never comfortable with ‘the norm.’ We are always ready to tackle the next best investment.

Our team follows a process of failing fast, learning, growing, and then repeating. Our ability to bounce back and stay the course no matter the situation sets us apart. We have the perseverance to succeed, even when others doubt us.


Fort’s employees bring a wealth of different skills and abilities to the table. We believe it is why we are able to be agile in the face of an ever-changing industry. Over time we have built a team that is strongly motivated towards achieving the same goals while operating through each person’s unique set of strengths. Our accomplishments serve as the sum of our many parts.


Dallas / Fort Worth

Fort Management

Dallas / Fort Worth

Houston / San Antonio


Fort made the move into our current headquarters in early 2022. Our office is designed to align with our purpose as a company — to create a place that attracts the most talented individuals and provide an environment that inspires them to be their absolute best. We are proudly located on West 7th Street near Downtown Fort Worth.

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