The FORT Podcast: Susan Gruppi – Co-Founder @ M2G Ventures – Last Mile Industrial, The Stockyards, & Raising Capital

Susan Miller Gruppi is the founder and co-president of M2G Ventures, a commercial real estate private equity and advisory development company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Guided by the leadership of Susan and her partner, Jessica Miller Essl, the fast-growing company carefully invests in mixed-use and industrial development projects located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and the Austin Central Texas region.

On this episode, Chris & Susan discuss:

– Fundraising in today’s market

– Trends in what matters to Family Offices

– Making Industrial cool

– Revitalizing the Fort Worth stockyards


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(00:00:00) Intro

(00:02:27) Susan’s experience in fundraising in this market

(00:13:45) Why did you choose a GP fund?

(00:16:25) What trends are you seeing in what matters to Family Offices?

(00:17:43) Making Industrial cool

(00:25:30) The Archetype in Brookhallow

(00;28:16) Thoughts on the debt market

(00:32:11) M2G’s Role in the massive success of the Fort Worth Stockyards and lessons learned

(00:47:36) How have you seen massive projects like this get screwed up?

(00:51:11) How do you handle a tenant who’s the lifeblood of an area but can’t afford a top dollar rent?


Episode Summary

Gruppi’s prowess in the field is underpinned not only by her professional milestones but also by the foundational experiences garnered from her family’s construction business.

The conversation seamlessly transitioned to the intricacies of institutional partnerships within the real estate sector. Gruppi articulated the essence of these multifaceted collaborations, emphasizing the diverse investment strategies that often span across a range of asset classes. Such insights highlighted the dynamism and expansive scope inherent to the property market.

Addressing the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, Gruppi underscored the myriad challenges and opportunities that professionals encounter. Adaptability, anticipation of market fluctuations, and strategic positioning emerged as the cornerstones of success in this volatile domain.

A significant portion of the dialogue was dedicated to the innovative concept of a hybrid asset class in real estate. Gruppi elaborated on properties that ingeniously incorporate consumer components, presenting an optimized approach to managing real estate costs. This evolution in property strategy exemplified the industry’s adaptive nature and the continuous drive for innovation.

Shifting the focus to market dynamics, Gruppi provided insights into the changing tenant demographics, spurred by transformations in neighboring submarkets. Strategies to achieve superior rental yields, buttressed by astute branding, marketing, and leasing initiatives, were discussed in depth.

The competitive nature of the current lending market was broached, with Gruppi delineating the challenges inherent in securing optimal lending agreements. Yet, in her characteristic optimistic vein, she posited that the prevailing market scenario, while demanding, unveils growth avenues for premier entities to consolidate their market stature.

The narrative then delved into the development intricacies of Mule Alley. Gruppi illuminated the nuances of collaborations, strategic branding endeavors, and tenant build-out strategies, painting a comprehensive picture of the project’s multifaceted development process.

Further into the episode, the concept of multi-generational investments in real estate was explored. Gruppi emphasized the long-term impact and legacy of such ventures, suggesting their potential to transcend generations, standing as enduring markers of a family’s commitment to the real estate domain.

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