The FORT Podcast: Nick Huber – Serial Entrepreneur – Making Your Father Proud & Building a HoldCo To Support His 11 Companies

Nick and Chris come together for an intimate conversation that goes beyond their normal public or online discussions. This is Nick’s 9th appearance on The Fort.

They discuss:

  • Nick’s upbringing & his relationship with his father
  • A deep dive into the impact money has on people
  • Chris reads an email his father sent him 3 days before passing
  • Parenting & marriage philosophies
  • The pressure on men in today’s world and what it means to be influential

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(00:03:43) Chris and Nick reflect on their relationship and careers

(00:08:47) Nick on his father: Starting businesses & their relationship

(00:15:16) Thoughts on money

(00:23:59) Pivoting to build the Huber Empire

(00:35:25) How much does it mean to you that your dad is proud of you?

(00:36:35) Chris reads an email his father sent him 3 days before passing

(00:40:25) Parenting & marriage philosophies

(00:58:52) The pressure on men in today’s world and what it means to be influential

(01:15:13) How Nick is building his Flywheel

(01:20:56) What does this all look like in 5 years if it goes right?

(01:25:42) Final thoughts


Episode Summary

Nick Huber, celebrated for his multifaceted expertise spanning real estate, business brokerage, and entrepreneurial ventures, graced Chris Powers’ esteemed podcast to elucidate his professional journey and impart industry knowledge. An innovator at heart, Huber’s profound insights stem from hands-on experiences, strategic pivots, and an unwavering commitment to transparency in business.

Diving into the intricacies of cost segregation, Huber underscores its potential in real estate, especially for investors, brokers, and property owners. The approach, as he outlines, melds asset and market-level data, optimizing tax savings and strengthening investment theses.

Shifting gears, Huber delves into his personal trajectory, recounting his initiation into the realm of commercial property. He reminisces about his father’s pivotal role in construction and the ensuing transition away from the stressors of the industry. Not one to be confined to a single domain, Huber’s ventures span from web development to business brokerage, each endeavor reflecting his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit.

A salient feature of the conversation is Huber’s vision for establishing a robust brokerage. He envisions a future where the brokerage not only witnesses substantial deal flow but also emerges as a significant revenue generator. Huber’s candidness shines through as he discusses the nascent stages of his brokerage, emphasizing its potential growth trajectory.

Legalities and their implications form another focal point. Huber and Powers discuss the potential pitfalls in business, especially when attempting to navigate the complex web of legalities. The conversation is an eye-opener, highlighting the potential repercussions of missteps, including the revocation of crucial licenses.

Delineating his plans, Huber paints a picture of a flourishing brokerage, backed by a dedicated team and expansive networks. He emphasizes relationship cultivation, hinting at strategic networking endeavors like golfing with industry stakeholders.

Real estate remains central to Huber’s discourse. He touches upon potential investments, emphasizing the sector’s dynamism and opportunities. As the conversation progresses, the significance of a versatile team emerges, especially when broaching diverse areas such as real estate equity or business acquisitions.

Huber’s aspirations for the future resonate throughout the podcast. He speaks of ambitious revenue targets, channeling capital into promising ventures, and continuously enhancing the brokerage’s offerings. The introduction of “Titan Risk” in the real estate insurance space further underscores Huber’s commitment to diversifying and enhancing his business portfolio.

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