The FORT Podcast: Nick Huber + Chris Powers Vol. 2

Part 2 of the exciting webinar session that Nick Huber had with Chris Powers on The Nick Huber Show. They talk about current events, highlights of our acquisition process, the market for GP, and many more!

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(01:46) – If you were a 25-year-old interested in Small Business, what would you do right now?

(03:24) – Acquisition Strategies

(09:51) – What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the first 12-24 months of your Real Estate career?

(14:33) – How have you identified buildings that are likely to sell?

(17:54) – What are the 3 highest-leverage activities in your business?

(20:05) – How do you want to maximize your impact on the world?

(22:09) – How can a beginner in RE buy a property into their no-history LLC?

(25:42) – Can the minimum investment be lowered to allow unaccredited investors to invest with Sweaty Startup or Fort?

(26:23) – What would you be betting on over the next 10 years?


Episode Summary

Renowned for his profound expertise in the property industry, Nick Huber engaged in an insightful dialogue with Chris Powers on the Fort Podcast, delving into multifaceted subjects encompassing real estate investing, market dynamics, and the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs. Huber’s stature within the field extends beyond his personal acumen; it reflects a collective wisdom accrued through deep involvement and astute market observation.

The conversation commenced by focusing on the burgeoning domain of short-term rentals, which Huber noted is currently experiencing substantial growth. Huber highlighted the strategic selection of specific markets, emphasizing the relative ease of acquiring smaller properties, ranging from two-unit residential buildings to compact industrial spaces. These properties often present investors with a favorable blend of flexibility and profit potential. The integral role of brokers in this sphere was underscored, with Huber noting that some of the most promising opportunities arise off-market, thanks to brokers well-versed in their field. The conversation emphasized the quality of relationships, particularly within specialized markets, over sheer quantity.

Delving further into operational intricacies, Huber elucidated the meticulous process of maintaining up-to-date property listings. This ongoing fine-tuning, informed by market analyses and the latest transaction data, serves as the cornerstone of prudent investment decisions. Acquisition consultants, acting as valuable allies for investors, actively engage in outreach efforts, facilitating connections between potential sellers and buyers. Huber also delved into the complexities of striking a delicate balance between operating costs and prevailing market conditions, highlighting the challenges posed by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in smaller communities. These entities, known for influencing market prices, often require innovative strategies from traditional investors.

The global impact of real estate investments remained a recurring theme, with Huber shedding light on the ripple effects of such investments, from direct job creation to indirect societal contributions through education and family wealth enhancement. Huber’s practical approach shone through when addressing issues such as purchasing properties with new Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), underscoring the unavoidable nature of personal guarantees, especially for new entities.

Budding real estate enthusiasts can glean valuable insights from Huber’s anecdotes recounting his early career experiences. The paramount importance of preparedness, supported by comprehensive research and meticulous documentation, emerged as the linchpin for productive negotiations with financial institutions. Huber’s narratives underscored the profound value of expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

The conversation concluded with a spirited exploration of forthcoming market shifts, underpinned by a mutual curiosity about the trajectory of various market segments.


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