The FORT Podcast: Michael Girdley – Chairman of Girdley Enterprises – Becoming a Creator, Building a HoldCo, Going from Idea to Business Launch

Michael is CEO of Girdley Enterprises, LLC, a diversified holding company of 11 businesses.

In this episode Chris & Michael discuss:

  • Becoming a creator and the business of creating
  • How he has built a hold-co and keeps everyone accountable
  • How he takes a business from idea to a running business
  • Why he wants to focus on BIG ideas

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Key Takeaways:

(2:08) – Sudden Deafness & Insights into Girdley’s Persona

(6:52) – Why have you chosen to spend so much time building your presence online?

(10:05) – What makes for great content on Twitter?

(11:38) – How much time is spent on your threads and writing?

(17:41) – Building a media team

(23:38) – Twitter’s change under Elon

(27:44) – Girdley on changing his Twitter strategy

(29:33) – Has LinkedIn translated well for you?

(31:46) – Girdley on Remote teams

(33:10) – How are you able to stay on top of multiple different companies?

(37:27) – What do you fail at?

(38:44) – Do you teach the EOS or hire someone to implement it?

(40:53) – What do you feel like you still have to learn?

(41:43) – What does your Chief of Staff do?

(45:49) – Was there a pivotal moment when you realized where you were the strongest in your role?

(47:06) – What do you mean when you say you only want to work on “big” things?

(49:36) – What is your process from formulating an idea, to launching, to stepping back?

(56:23) – Are you still involved in VC?

(57:16) – How do you approach capital allocation in your HoldCo?

(59:41) – What happens when you’re not aligning with a CEO?

(1:01:41) – Are there best practices for incentivizing a CEO?

(1:02:40) – What is a Holding Company?

(1:06:02) – Why did you decide to create a course?

(1:10:14) – How do you approach distribution and scaling content?

(1:11:59) – How do you see the 4th quarter of your career playing out?

(1:13:33) – Why have you chosen podcasting as a medium?


Episode Summary

In a riveting episode of the Chris Powers Show, the audience was privy to the deep reservoir of knowledge and experience of Michael Girdley. With a stellar reputation in the realms of investments and real estate, Girdley stands as a beacon for both novices and seasoned professionals seeking to navigate the multifaceted landscape of these industries.

The discourse with Girdley commenced with a deep dive into the intricacies of investments. Throughout his illustrious career, Girdley has embraced a myriad of strategies and approaches, many of which have been pivotal in sculpting his professional trajectory. His insights into investment dynamics, complemented by his personal experiences, offered listeners a candid glimpse into the industry’s challenges and triumphs.

Soon, the conversation seamlessly transitioned to the vast domain of real estate. Girdley’s experiences in the sector provided an invaluable perspective on its complexities and opportunities. He underscored the importance of property management, elucidating the challenges inherent in the sector. Furthermore, Girdley’s expertise in analyzing current and anticipated market dynamics revealed the myriad factors influencing real estate trajectories. His emphasis on adaptability and foresight, especially in the ever-evolving real estate market, was particularly enlightening.

Of notable mention was Girdley’s exploration of development strategies within the real estate realm. In an industry marked by rapid changes and unforeseen challenges, Girdley emphasized the significance of adaptability and foresight. He delved into the dynamics of the real estate market, shedding light on the factors that dictate its course. His analysis, enriched by his hands-on experiences, was a testament to his profound understanding of the sector.

The podcast also touched upon the synergy between personal experiences and industry insights. Girdley’s journey, punctuated by entrepreneurial aspirations, challenges, and innovations, provided a holistic narrative that resonated with listeners from diverse backgrounds. His anecdotes, woven seamlessly with technical insights, painted a comprehensive picture of the investment and real estate sectors.

In conclusion, this episode with Michael Girdley stands as a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. His insights into investments, market dynamics, property management, and development strategies offer listeners a refined perspective on the intricacies of the real estate industry. For those keen on gaining a comprehensive understanding of investments and real estate, this podcast is an indispensable resource. The blend of Girdley’s personal journey with his professional expertise makes this episode both enlightening and inspiring, solidifying its place as a must-listen for industry enthusiasts.


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