The FORT Podcast: Marc Gilbert – Managing Partner of Twin Oaks – Seeking Deep Value that Most Overlook

Marc Gilbert, Managing Partner of Twin Oaks Group, owns and manages a diverse portfolio of property across Northern New Jersey, including multifamily, commercial, and industrial properties. Marc directed financing at New City Management, covered REITs and financials at ING and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities at Fitch Ratings. Marc specializes in financing and structuring real estate syndicates.

On this episode, Marc tells his story of joining the Israeli army and how those lessons shaped how he looks at life. They discuss why Marc buys properties with major environmental issues and the value he creates. Chris and Marc also chat about lessons learned from the 2008-2009 GFC and how Marc creates win/win situations.

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(02:30) – Marc’s Travels to Israel and How it Shaped His View of the World

(06:41) – Marc’s Journey Into RE

(09:05) – Bringing a Depression Era Mindset to Real Estate

(11:46) – Marc’s Career Prior to Starting Twin Oaks

(20:44) – Do you think the bank system learned anything from the ’08 crisis?

(25:07) – Operating in the Northeastern New Jersey Market

(28:59) – Why do you take one these gas station deals that 99% of people pass on?

(36:24) – What’s the process of cleaning these sites that requires a 5-10 year timeframe?

(40:13) – Do you raise capital to clean these sites or use your own capital?

(44:47) – Is there any government or tax incentive to de-contaminate these properties?

(46:25) – What are you looking for in multi deals and how do you find deeper value in them?

(50:19) – Thoughts on Rent Control

(52:31) – As a long-term holder, should a building be 100% leased?

(56:13) – Providing Housing For Ex-Felons

(1:01:31) – How do you deal so well with your local government?

(1:09:43) – Why could it be smart to overpay for a 1031 exchange?


Episode Summary

Marc Gilbert, an esteemed authority in both real estate and finance, captivated the audience by sharing profound insights and exceptional expertise, cultivated over a career punctuated by innovative strategies and an intrinsic understanding of market dynamics. Engaging in a detailed exploration of loan-level analysis, a topic of crucial importance in real estate transactions, Gilbert emphasized the fundamental need for comprehensive examination at this detailed level, elucidating the multifaceted impacts that loans can have on real estate dealings. This approach, as defined by Gilbert, acts as a cornerstone for making informed, judicious investment decisions, thereby safeguarding robust returns and strategically mitigating potential risks.

The dialogue also ventured into historical contexts, elegantly intertwining historical perspectives to elucidate the notable influence of past events on the practices witnessed in today’s real estate landscape. This emphasis on historical understanding mirrors Gilbert’s holistic approach to real estate, taking into account not only the immediate factors but also the subtle resonances from the past that permeate modern real estate ventures.

Furthermore, the conversation seamlessly shifted towards property-level analysis, delving into the nuances of examining real estate at both the property and company levels and highlighting the vital importance of a comprehensive and multifaceted analysis. This methodology, articulated by Gilbert, ensures a well-rounded understanding, enabling investors and stakeholders to navigate the often-complex terrain of real estate with informed confidence and strategic foresight.

Navigating through the intricate landscapes of market dynamics, the episode adeptly tackled the various adaptations occurring within the real estate sector. In our ever-evolving world, Gilbert’s insights illuminated the path towards resilience and adaptability, emphasizing the necessity of these qualities to ensure sustained growth and prosperity in real estate endeavors amidst the shifting sands of market trends and economic fluctuations. Gilbert’s wisdom across varied real estate domains, including organics, niche elements, vacant unit management, financial planning, and permit considerations, provided listeners with a plethora of clear and strategic insights, enriching their knowledge and decision-making capabilities.

The Fort is produced by Johnny Peterson

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