The FORT Podcast: Linda Day Harrison

Linda Day Harrison is the founder of, an interactive, collaborative community of CRE brokers and other professionals. Today they discuss Linda’s experience in Real Estate as technology was becoming a major part of the industry, how she was able to build a tech company without any technical experience, the importance of building relationships both in-person and online, and how theBrokerList has impacted deals in the industry.

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(01:56) — Linda’s Start in Real Estate
(04:17) — How did you market your properties to brokers before the technology we have now?
(10:45) — How did the idea for theBrokerList come about?
(16:06) — How did you get started building the tech side of theBrokerList?
(19:13) — How many brokers are on the list today? How do you continue to grow it?
(20:23) — How has theBrokerList grown beyond just being a list?
(22:17) — Linda’s Deals & Experiences as a Result of theBrokerList
(25:27) — Looking back, what would you have done differently?
(28:08) — The Importance of Both Technology-Based Relationships and In-Person Relationships
(32:41) — What info has stood out from your community marketing discussions throughout COVID?
(34:38) — What are your thoughts on office use in the next year or so?
(38:45) — How do you keep theBrokerList’s tech up to speed without a full-time tech team?
(41:28) — What is your ultimate goal for theBrokerList?
(43:06) — Do you think about how your business is valued?
(45:53) — What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
(47:47) — What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
(49:04) — How can people reach you and find theBrokerList?


Episode Summary

As the visionary behind theBrokerList, Linda Day Harrison has been instrumental in bridging the gap between traditional real estate practices and the digital world.

At the outset, Linda reminisced about her early professional days, highlighting the paramount importance of relationships in the sector. These connections, she emphasized, have been the cornerstone of her illustrious career. The conversation then transitioned to her pioneering online platform, theBrokerList. Designed as a nexus for real estate professionals, the platform underscores Linda’s foresight in recognizing the industry’s need for a dedicated online community. Addressing challenges, she shed light on the initial hurdles faced in assimilating traditional real estate professionals into the digital realm. Yet, with perseverance, theBrokerList has become a beacon for those seeking genuine connections in the sector.

Diving deeper, the duo explored the intricacies of marketing within real estate. Linda asserted the transformative role of online platforms in this domain. By bolstering visibility and fostering meaningful connections, digital platforms have redefined the marketing landscape. An essential takeaway was the untapped potential of data. In Linda’s view, harnessing data can refine marketing approaches, making them more targeted and effective.

The podcast didn’t shy away from the elephant in the room — technology’s rapid evolution and its ramifications for real estate. Linda was candid about the industry’s initial resistance to technological shifts. However, she was optimistic, envisioning a future where adaptability would be the norm. She stressed the significance of staying abreast with tech advancements, hinting at the transformative potential of AI and machine learning.

Mentorship, a topic close to Linda’s heart, was broached. She shared personal anecdotes, painting a vivid picture of her journey and the mentors who guided her. For Linda, mentorship is a two-way street, offering mutual benefits and fostering growth.

The global challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic was also addressed. Linda spoke of its profound impact on the real estate sector, particularly the acceleration of digital transformation. Resilience and adaptability, she suggested, were the keys to navigating these turbulent waters.

Wrapping up her insights, Linda had words of wisdom for aspiring real estate professionals. Continuous learning was her mantra. With the industry’s dynamics in perpetual flux, she emphasized the need to stay updated, be it through technology, market trends, or innovative strategies.

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