The FORT Podcast: Kyle Matthews – Founder of Matthews REIS – The Blueprint For Becoming a Successful Broker

Kyle Matthews is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services™ and has served in this role since the company’s founding in 2015. Matthews™ is the parent company of a diversified group of real estate service, investment, debt, leasing, and asset management firms. Through Kyle’s leadership, Matthews™ has become one of the country’s largest commercial brokerage firms in both transaction volume and by a number of agents and employees. Prior to founding Matthews™, he led Matthews Retail Group, Inc. to become the number one real estate investment sales group at a publicly-traded, global real estate investment service company. Under his guidance, Matthews™ has experienced total revenue growth of 1,225% in the company’s first five years since its founding and has grown from 18 agents and employees to presently over 400. Furthermore, Kyle oversees the expansion of Matthews™ with the footprint having expanded from one office in El Segundo, CA, to over 14 offices nationwide.

On this episode, Chris & Kyle talk about:

➡️ His story of becoming a broker and eventually starting Matthews

➡️ The characteristics and work ethic of the best brokers

➡️ Why having fun is important in business

➡️ What’s going on in the current real estate market


(00:00:00) Intro

(00:04:28) Kyle’s upbringing in an NFL family, playing football at USC, winning a national title

(00:15:33) Lessons learned from playing for Pete Carroll

(00:29:27) Kyle’s career in brokerage

(00:38:40) Working through the GFC

(00:55:24) Starting Matthews REIS

(01:14:20) The Matthews Culture

(01:29:09) How Matthews is scaling and implementing technology

(01:45:25) Work-Life Balance

(01:55:37) A Discussion on the RE Market


Episode Summary

In the latest episode of Chris Powers’ esteemed podcast, listeners were introduced to the sagacious insights of Kyle Matthews, a renowned figure in the real estate sector. Matthews, with his wealth of experience and unparalleled understanding of the industry’s intricate dynamics, shared perspectives that promise to resonate with professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Kyle Matthews, a name synonymous with strategic foresight in the realm of real estate, has been at the forefront of several pioneering ventures. His adeptness at navigating the volatile terrains of the industry, combined with a keen sense of market dynamics, makes him a sought-after voice in discussions related to infrastructure development, market fluctuations, and strategic planning.

A recurring theme throughout the conversation was the significance of sacrifice in charting a trajectory of success. Matthews was candid about his early years, emphasizing the trade-offs he made to prioritize his long-term aspirations. While he acknowledged the allure of immediate pleasures, he underscored the value of dedication and a laser-focused approach, especially in the formative years of one’s career.

Work-life balance, a topic that often stirs diverse opinions, found its way into the dialogue. Matthews’ take on this was pragmatic. He stressed the essence of balance, emphasizing that while professional dedication is paramount, it should not come at the expense of personal well-being. Drawing from his own experiences, Matthews highlighted the importance of maintaining equilibrium, ensuring that neither sphere is neglected.

As the conversation veered towards the more technical aspects of real estate, Matthews delved into the nuances of business management. Financial prudence emerged as a central theme, with Matthews elucidating the pitfalls of overextending without maintaining adequate capital reserves. He painted a vivid picture of the challenges businesses face, especially during market downturns, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and adaptability.

Market dynamics, with their ever-evolving nature, were dissected in depth. Matthews shared his observations, highlighting the trends he’s witnessed over the years. From the challenges faced by public companies to the unique hurdles encountered by boutiques, the discussion was a deep dive into the multifaceted world of real estate.

The episode was not just about challenges but also about potential solutions and strategies. Matthews shed light on the importance of understanding external market forces and planning accordingly. His insights underscored the need for businesses to be agile, adaptable, and always prepared for market fluctuations.

As the episode drew to a close, the camaraderie between Powers and Matthews was palpable. Their shared passion for the industry, combined with mutual respect, made for an engaging conclusion. Discussions about potential collaborations hinted at the exciting possibilities the future holds.

In summary, Chris Powers’ podcast episode featuring Kyle Matthews stands as an invaluable resource for those keen on understanding the real estate industry’s intricacies. From personal anecdotes to technical insights, the episode was a masterclass in understanding market dynamics, the importance of financial prudence, and the essence of work-life balance. For industry professionals, investors, and real estate aficionados, this episode promises a wealth of knowledge, making it an unmissable listen.


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