The FORT Podcast: Investor Relations at Fort

On this episode, Chris sits down with a few members of the Fort team to discuss all things Investor Relations (IR). They chat about the process Fort goes through to vet potential investors, onboarding, and eventually, what investors can expect throughout the investment process. They also discuss frequently asked questions, ongoing IR items post-investment, and how they utilize Juniper Square. Enjoy!

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(02:31) – Why Investor Relations Are So Critical

(03:41) – Ryan and Lorna’s Role Within Fort

(05:05) – What’s the process of signing up an investor?

(07:11) – Why would a potential investor not meet our criteria?

(07:47) – What’s our process if someone is looking to bring multiple investors with them when coming to Fort?

(09:07) – What changes have we made to improve our processes over the past year?

(10:35) – What are the characteristics of an investor we’d love to meet?

(12:59) – What information do we provide people upfront to get to know Fort better?

(14:52) – What are the most frequently asked questions we get upfront from potential investors?

(16:44) – Consistency In Information Sharing

(19:29) – What’s the investor experience like with juniper Square?

(22:10) – What happens from our end when a deal comes in?

(29:43) – What does communication look like between us and investors after the capital raise?

(30:48) – Who puts our quarterly reports together?

(33:00) – How do we calculate waterfall distributions?

(34:02) – What happens if someone signs up and doesn’t end up investing?

(35:02) – What are three improvements we’ve made to the investor relations process?

(36:03) – What happens if we are oversubscribed on a deal?

(37:17) – Pre-Commitment Opportunities

(38:46) – Emphasis On Timely K1’s and Cost Seg’s

(40:06) – How many people do we have signing up every month?

(41:48) – 1031 Opportunities

(43:43) – Delivering Bad News

(44:58) – Why do we change our deal structures?

(46:17) – How are we improving and maintaining cyber security?

(49:40) – The Balance of Maintaining Existing Investors and Having a Healthy Pipeline of New Investors

(51:07) – Wrap up

Episode Summary

Chris Powers is joined by members of the Fort Team. The episode commenced with an exploration of the investor onboarding process, an intricate dance of aligning investment strategies. The Fort Team illuminated the meticulous vetting they undertake. Notably, investors are funneled into the Juniper Square system only after ensuring a harmonious alignment of investment goals. This methodical approach guarantees a synergy between the investor’s vision and Fort’s strategic objectives.

Diving deeper, Powers and the Fort Team unraveled the complexities surrounding capital syndication. The conversation underscored the essence of discerning the origin of an investor’s capital. In a world rife with myriad investment avenues, Fort’s diligence in vetting potential investors stands as a testament to our commitment to trust and transparency.

A notable highlight was the discussion around “deal fatigue,” a phenomenon where the influx of deals can overwhelm both deal teams and investors. Our team emphasized the significance of diversifying the investor base, ensuring that there’s a harmonious blend of both seasoned and new investors. This strategy not only alleviates potential fatigue but also ensures a continual stream of capital for an ever-growing portfolio of deals.

The intricacies of capital call notices also found a mention. In the realm of investor relations, the distribution process is paramount. Fort’s approach, which mandates verification calls with investors, exemplifies our dedication to precision and transparency.

As the conversation meandered towards its conclusion, the Fort Team offered insights into their strategic shift towards industrial, flex, and office spaces. In an ever-evolving real estate market, this focus promises not only growth but also a diversified portfolio that stands resilient against market fluctuations.

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