The FORT Podcast: Holt Lunsford – Founder & CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial

Holt Lunsford is the Founder & CEO of Holt Lunsford Commercial, a Dallas-based full-service commercial real estate company. They talk about luck in business, the process of finding and hiring great people, and Holt’s advice for fathers. Enjoy!

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(3:08) – Holt’s background and career

(5:30) – The Great Trammel Crowe generation of Texas Real Estate Operators

(19:26) – How much of business success is luck and how much are things that you can control? 

(21:28) – Holt’s Growth standards 

(24:22) – How long was the business going until you started making hires 

(25:24) – What were things you weren’t doing well that people could learn from? 

(28:55) – Holt on building relationships with the people he works with and loyalty 

(31:21) – Holt on the culture of people moving jobs constantly and attracting the next generation of employees 

(36:21)- What within Real Estate has changed dramatically since starting in ’86? 

(38:33) – Chris and Holt on life balance  

(43:02) – What did you give your kids for their 18th birthday? 

(46:19) – What advice would you give your 21-year-old self


Episode Summary

Holt Lunsford, esteemed for his profound insights into the real estate sector, joined Chris Powers on a riveting podcast episode, offering unparalleled reflections on the industry’s evolution and his personal journey within it. Lunsford’s foundation in real estate is not just built on decades of experience but is deeply rooted in his passion for owning buildings and understanding the market’s intricacies.

The podcast unfurled with Lunsford emphasizing his unwavering aspiration to own buildings. This dream, cultivated during his college years, drove him to seek the world’s best companies that resonated with his ambition. Despite facing challenges, such as economic downturns, Lunsford’s determination never waned, showcasing the resilience that’s characteristic of seasoned professionals in the sector.

Texas, with its rich history of real estate development, particularly between 1981 and 1985, was a focal point of the discussion. Lunsford elucidated on the challenges of attracting the younger generation to this dynamic field, emphasizing the need for adaptability and understanding shifting market trends.

Diversification emerged as a recurring theme, with Lunsford recounting his foray into the oil and gas sector. By acquiring leases west of Fort Worth, he astutely supplemented his income, emphasizing the judicious deployment of resources for optimal results. This venture further solidified his belief in the importance of a diversified portfolio, especially in an industry as versatile as real estate.

A significant portion of the dialogue underscored the perpetual nature of market knowledge. Lunsford accentuated that in real estate, energy, and banking, understanding specific geographies is pivotal. This granular knowledge, he posited, isn’t just about understanding properties but also about the influence within those regions. The nuanced understanding of regional markets and the importance of building trust with tenants and brokers forms the bedrock of Lunsford’s business strategy.

Juniper Square’s introduction marked a shift in the conversation towards technological advancements in the industry. This investment management software, designed exclusively for real estate owners, signifies the industry’s progressive transition from traditional tools like spreadsheets to more sophisticated management solutions. Lunsford’s acknowledgment of such advancements highlights the sector’s forward-thinking approach.

The podcast also touched upon the importance of growth rates. Lunsford’s meticulous research into public markets and companies provided him with insights into determining optimal growth rates, further emphasizing the intricate balance between risk and reward in the sector.

In conclusion, this enlightening episode with Holt Lunsford was a treasure trove of industry insights. From understanding the significance of owning buildings to the value of market knowledge and the embrace of technological advancements, listeners were provided with a panoramic view of the current real estate milieu. For those keen on navigating the complex waters of today’s real estate world, Lunsford’s expert reflections serve as a guiding beacon. With such invaluable knowledge at their disposal, professionals and enthusiasts alike are better equipped to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving realm of real estate.

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