The FORT Podcast: David Senra – Founders Podcast – The DNA of a Founder

David Senra is the Founder of Founders Podcast. David has devoted his career to learning from history’s greatest entrepreneurs.

David is on a mission to document the best ideas from the life and work of history’s most formidable people —and share those lessons through his podcast so others can benefit. He lives in Miami with his wife and two children.

On this episode, Chris and David discuss:

  • His story and the challenges he faced growing up that shaped who he is today.
  • Building his pod – a peak inside what an average week looks like.
  • A deep dive discussion on founder characteristics and everything he’s learned from reading hundreds of auto-biographies on the world’s most extraordinary founders.
  • A discussion on the economics and business of podcasting.

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(3:58) – Introducing David

(6:11) – David’s background

(15:32) – David’s passion for reading

(17:00) – Reflecting on how we are shaped by our past

(22:37) – Do you think it’s possible to build a generational business without childhood trauma?

(30:20) – What led to you starting the podcast?

(43:36) – What kept you going during your first 2 years when the show wasn’t profitable?

(1:06:55) – What does a week in the life of David Senra look like?

(1:15:07) – What was it about your appearance on ‘Invest like the Best’ that exploded the show?

(1:20:09) – How big is the opportunity for podcasting?

(1:50:46)- Of everyone you have studied, who is the #1 person in your eyes?


Episode Summary

David Senra joined Chris Powers’ podcast to chat about all things business. David, known for his keen business sense, shared some fascinating insights that he’s picked up along his journey in the world of commerce.

Kicking things off, David and Chris chatted about the ins and outs of real estate, specifically focusing on Miami. David mentioned that housing prices there had shot up quite a bit, particularly during the COVID times. They also touched upon how other places had lots of land just waiting to be used.

The talk then shifted to starting businesses. David shared stories from his past, like building chatbot apps before they became the next big thing. Chris was all ears as David spoke about his experiences with creating value-packed companies and even mentioned one of his earlier ventures, “Garden City.”

The pair also pondered over the challenges that come with setting up a company. David candidly shared the highs and lows, emphasizing how regularly delivering content, like podcast episodes, could make a difference.

Cars made a brief appearance in their chat, but they quickly returned to business. David talked about the role of developing products in companies and gave a shout-out to Patrick for building a business empire. They also discussed market shares, with David offering some sharp observations.

Real estate came back into focus as David spoke about his extensive network in the field. He shed light on the influence of Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid, and how he inspired tech icon, Steve Jobs.

To wrap things up, the episode offered a deep dive into the world of business and real estate. David’s knowledge-packed insights were a treat for anyone wanting to understand the ever-changing world of commerce better. This episode is a goldmine of information for those curious about the dynamic world of business.


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