The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers & Jason Baxter – Fort’s 2023 Year in Review

In this conversation, Chris Powers sits down with his partner and our CEO Jason Baxter to talk about our current fundraise, company wins, building out Fort’s custom AI, deal pipelines, profitability, how the team has grown, and an outlook for 2024.

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(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:04:17) – Reflecting on 2023

(00:08:07) – Fundraising

(00:16:16) – Company Wins (AI, Company Challenges, Team Meeting Structures)

(00:35:05) – Fort’s custom AI – Foster

(00:52:30) – Pipeline

(01:00:49) – Profitability

(01:07:20) – Highlighting the Team

(01:10:33) – 2024 Outlook

Episode Summary

The episode delves into the key takeaways from our year in 2023, exploring topics such as operational efficiencies, AI integration, team dynamics, and acquisition strategies.

To start, Baxter emphasized the evolution of fundraising methods, highlighting the transition from individual syndications to structured fund models. This shift mirrors the broader industry trend towards more sophisticated and scalable investment approaches. The conversation then pivoted to operational improvements within Fort, specifically focusing on the innovative use of AI. This technology has revolutionized processes, notably in property management and invoice processing, underscoring its pivotal role in enhancing business efficiency.

The next segment of the podcast covers team dynamics and meeting structures. Baxter detailed how the implementation of AI in recording and analyzing meetings has led to more data-driven decision-making and improved internal communication efficiency. This focus on leveraging technology to optimize team interactions is indicative of our forward-thinking approach.

The transformative impact of AI on business operations was a central theme. Baxter explained how AI aids in decision-making, project management, and tracking, demonstrating its crucial role in our strategy. Particularly noteworthy was the discussion on using AI for analyzing and tracking deals, which highlighted its significance in strategic planning and operational excellence.

Finally, the podcast touched on our acquisition strategy and pipeline management. Baxter shed light on the methodologies for identifying and evaluating potential deals, emphasizing the role of technology in streamlining these processes.

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