The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers – Incentivizing The Process, Not Just The Outcome

Chris goes solo to hit hard on a critical aspect of operations that has played so well to the success of Fort: Incentives.

On this episode Chris discusses:

  • Why operations are important and how to incentivize them.
  • A relevant scenario to think about when setting incentives.
  • Incentivizing the process, rather than just the outcome.

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(1:42) – What is a great operator?

(2:38) – Incentivizing the process, not just the outcome


Episode Summary

Chris Powers, renowned for his deep expertise in the realm of real estate and business, recently hosted an enlightening episode that delved into the nuances of incentivization in property management and construction. Esteemed for his role at the helm of Fort, Powers seamlessly married his practical insights with overarching industry trends, offering listeners a panoramic view of the real estate sector.

Powers commenced by elucidating Fort’s ambition to be recognized as the paramount real estate operator worldwide. He astutely highlighted that monumental breakthroughs might pave the way during the initial phases, but as businesses mature, the emphasis invariably shifts to refining existing processes. It’s these incremental, consistent improvements that set industry leaders apart. Powers argued that to incentivize such gradual enhancements, it’s imperative to reward the process, not just the final outcome. This perspective is not only pivotal for the real estate sector but holds true across diverse business domains.

A significant segment of the conversation was dedicated to the challenges inherent in real estate asset ownership. Powers posited that regardless of how impeccably an asset is managed, some properties, by their very nature, might be predisposed to underperformance. This brought forth a compelling question: How should one incentivize property or asset managers, especially when their performance is inextricably linked to a property’s net operating income (NOI)? Drawing from his vast reservoir of experience, Powers underscored that high-performing, well-located properties might demand less intensive management. In stark contrast, properties fraught with challenges, even if decently located, necessitate experienced and adept property managers. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to bonuses and incentives might be inherently flawed.

Powers further shed light on the parallels between property management and construction management. He emphasized that the same construction mandate, when assigned to two distinct managers, could culminate in vastly different outcomes. With time, iterative enhancements and streamlined processes have ensured that properties under Fort’s aegis are managed with heightened efficiency. Construction projects, too, are increasingly adhering to prescribed timelines and budgets, a testament to Fort’s commitment to excellence.

Powers’ discourse was also interspersed with references to real-life scenarios, enhancing its practical applicability. For instance, he touched upon the challenges and rewards associated with managing premium real estate assets versus those with inherent issues. He also delved into the complexities of incentivizing, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach that takes into account the intricacies of property management.

In conclusion, this episode, helmed by Chris Powers, was a veritable treasure trove of insights for anyone entrenched in or intrigued by the real estate sector. From the art of incentivizing to the science of efficient property management, the podcast spanned a wide spectrum of topics, each more relevant than the last. For those seeking a deep dive into the world of real estate, armed with Powers’ expert reflections, this episode is nothing short of an indispensable resource.


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