The FORT Podcast: Chris Powers – 200th Episode – Observations About the World Today

On this milestone episode, Chris shares the story of how the podcast started and why it’s been so impactful. Chris dives into why podcasting is a pure form of communication and why he supports Joe Rogan. He expresses his thoughts on de-platforming and canceling culture and Chris breaks down 50 things he’s observed from 17 years in business.

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(01:30) – Welcome to Episode #200!

(03:43) – How Chris and Producer Johnny Met

(08:46) – The Early Days of the Podcast & Benefits From Doing the Show

(13:01) – What Matters in Podcasting

(15:50) – Sponsorship Opportunities

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(16:41) – 50 Thoughts on Business

Traction by Gino Wickman

(49:52) – Thoughts on Cancel Culture

Episode Summary

In the 200th episode of his podcast, Chris Powers delves into a myriad of topics offering listeners unparalleled insights into the world of real estate, business entrepreneurship, and investing. Chris’s profound knowledge, enriched by years of experience and backed by the legacy of Fort sets the stage for an enlightening discourse.

A significant theme emphasized by Chris was the intrinsic relationship between hard work and building something of value. Whether discussing stocks, crypto, or real estate, he underscored the importance of knowledge scaling. By fostering deep relationships with brokers and understanding asset types, businesses can gain invaluable insights. This iterative learning, combined with understanding the history and successes of potential business partners, is pivotal in making informed investment decisions.

Chris also touched upon the distinction between passive and active involvement in real estate. He posited that real estate ownership is rarely passive. Even with properties that seem hands-off, such as a single tenant triple net, true passivity might be a mirage. For those looking for genuinely passive real estate experiences, Chris suggests considering Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) or Limited Partnership investments.

The human element in business, particularly in real estate, was another focal point of the conversation. Chris stressed the significance of treating people as assets, emphasizing that nurturing and believing in these assets can propel a company to greater heights. Investing in people, especially in the realm of real estate, ensures long-term success, as real estate ventures require dedicated teams to navigate the sector’s complexities.

On the note of seeking advice, Chris underscored the importance of domain expertise. For instance, when diving into industrial real estate, one should consult experts in that specific field rather than relying on generalists. This targeted approach ensures that decisions are made with the most relevant and informed perspectives.

Shifting gears, Chris broached the topic of business transparency and secrets. In a world teeming with information, he opined that most enterprises, irrespective of their size or stature, have few true secrets. This perspective underscores the importance of execution and strategy over mere information hoarding.

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