The FORT Podcast: Chris’ Debrief on Coronavirus

In this episode, Chris is sharing his thoughts about commercial real estate as we cross the 30-day mark with Coronavirus. He talks about his experience coming to terms with this new reality, offers advice on working with banks, the impact across different asset classes, his predictions for the future of Industrial, and much more.

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00:00 — Chris’ Personal Experience Coping with the Outbreak
07:00 — Living in a Zero-Demand World
08:22 — Capital Markets for Real Estate
09:09 — Low Interest Rates
10:16 — The Halt of All Transactions
11:22 — Advice on Working with Banks
17:58 — Property Taxes & Real Estate Valuation
18:43 — How Different Asset Classes Are Impacted
30:30 — Buying a Home in 2020
31:17 — The Need for a Standard Office
34:48 — The Strong Industrial Asset Class
39:44 — Senior Housing, Student Housing & Fundraising
43:15 — Construction & Technology in Real Estate
48:30 — Why Landlords Can’t Be the Liquidity for American Businesses
51:11 — Closing Thoughts

Mentioned Resources
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— Email Chris for more information on Property Tax Relief at

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