The FORT Podcast: Casey Mericle – The Art of the Deal: Unconventional Deal Structuring in Real Estate

Casey Mericle is a real estate investor out of Missouri who specializes in deal structuring, negotiating, and putting people and resources together to solve real estate puzzles. He’s been in real estate for about 15 years now and has done hundreds of deals.

We discuss:

  • How to find out what a seller wants
  • Note structures
  • Walkable debt
  • Nontraditional negotiating
  • Creative ways to finalize deals

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(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:03:55) – Poker & real estate

(00:05:02) – How do you find out what a seller wants?

(00:10:24) – Installment sales

(00:14:13) – Characteristics of deals Casey plays in

(00:15:33) – Sourcing deals

(00:19:31) – Why is now the best time for seller-financing?

(00:21:07) – Note structures

(00:23:26) – Walkable debt

(00:27:18) – Foreclosing on yourself

(00:33:32) – Nontraditional negotiating

(00:42:25) – What do you know that most people in RE don’t?

(00:46:29) – Thoughts on the market

(00:49:28) – Paying more to a seller than the asking price

(00:51:14) – Creative ways to get things done

(01:07:07) – Building trust with people

(01:08:30) – Creating debt and making money off the debt rather than the deal


Episode Summary

Mericle, with his unique background as a professional poker player, brings a fresh perspective to real estate negotiations, emphasizing the importance of understanding non-verbal cues and the psychology of deal-making.

The conversation kicked off with a focus on the parallels between poker and real estate. Mericle highlighted how skills honed in poker, such as reading people and situations, directly translate to real estate negotiations. This ability to interpret unspoken signals can be pivotal in closing deals and understanding the motivations of the parties involved.

A significant portion of the podcast was dedicated to the intricacies of real estate financing. Mericle shed light on the strategic decision-making involved in choosing financing options, illustrating the balance between immediate monetary gains and favorable long-term financial structures. He emphasized the importance of understanding various financing methods and their implications on the overall profitability of real estate investments.

The discussion then transitioned to the topic of property valuation and deal negotiation. Mericle stressed the importance of accurately assessing the fair market value of properties. He shared insights on how to remain profitable even amidst fluctuating property values, underscoring the necessity of astute evaluation and strategic decision-making in real estate investments.

In an in-depth exploration of real estate investment tools, the conversation delved into the use of property options. Mericle compared these to layaway plans, explaining how they allow investors to secure properties at a set price while providing time to manage financing or other deal aspects. This part of the discussion highlighted the critical role of understanding and effectively utilizing various investment tools to optimize returns and minimize risks in real estate.

The final segment of the podcast focused on advanced techniques in managing real estate investments. Mericle discussed strategies for moving debt between properties, demonstrating how to transfer a loan from one property to another for maximizing cash flow and leveraging favorable debt conditions. This segment offered a glimpse into the sophisticated financial management strategies employed by experienced real estate investors.

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