The FORT Podcast: Bill Cawley – CEO @ Cawley Partners

Bill Cawley is the brand and vision behind Cawley Partners, a full-service, Dallas-based real estate company historically focused on commercial office product. Over the course of his career, Bill has owned all classes of commercial real estate in multiple markets across the country. He is continually recognized as one of the most influential business leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Cawley Partners has been the premier office developer along the Dallas North Tollway, developing more than $500 million of Class A office space and totaling more than 1.5 million square feet within the last 5 years.

On this episode, Bill and Chris discuss:

  • Bill’s near-death experience and coming to Christ
  • Experiencing the 80’s crisis in Dallas
  • The state of the Office market
  • Advice for folks entering RE

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(00:00:00) – Intro

(00:04:23) – Bill’s near-death experience and coming to Christ

(00:19:10) – Re-building burned bridges

(00:25:19) – Legacy

(00:28:36) – Bill’s mission trip to Cuba

(00:31:52) – Bill’s career in real estate

(00:40:50) – Being in Dalllas during the 80’s crisis

(00:44:13) – How the DFW tollway has evolved

(00:52:06) – The state of the Office market

(01:02:28) – The buyer market

(01:04:33) – Construction

(01:06:11) – Reflecting on Bill’s career

(01:16:05) – Building Multifamily

(01:19:24) – Advice to RE folks

Episode Summary

Bill Cawley, renowned for his profound impact on the Dallas real estate market, shares his journey from overcoming personal challenges, including a life-altering motorcycle accident and battles with alcoholism, to achieving monumental success in the real estate industry.

The conversation begins with Bill’s recount of his motorcycle accident, which served as a catalyst for his sobriety and spiritual awakening. This pivotal moment marked a turning point, leading him towards recovery and personal growth. Bill emphasizes the significance of resilience, the support of strangers during his recovery, and the transformative power of faith and determination in overcoming life’s hurdles.

As the dialogue transitions to his professional journey, Bill reflects on the early challenges he faced, including financial hardships and his initial foray into real estate inspired by his father’s career. His narrative is a testament to perseverance, showcasing how he navigated the ups and downs of the industry, from tenant representation to development and investment, and the critical lessons learned along the way.

Bill shares valuable insights into his strategic approach to real estate, highlighting the importance of adaptability, market understanding, and value-driven investment. He discusses key strategies and projects that have contributed to his success, along with the impact of external factors such as the RTC crisis on his business philosophy.

In addressing the contemporary challenges and adaptations in the real estate industry post-COVID, Bill offers a forward-looking perspective on office space demand, investment strategies, and tenant amenities.

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