The FORT Podcast: Alex Olshansky – Principal at Zenith IOS – Industrial Outdoor Storage 101

We are joined by Alex Olshansky, Principal, and Head of Investments at Zenith IOS. Zenith is one of the largest institutional owners of industrial outdoor storage assets in the US.

Alex’s well-decorated CV began with a B.A. in Economics from Claremont McKenna College, and he received an M.B.A. from NYU’s Stern School of Business. After graduating, Alex worked in acquisitions and asset management for IDS Real Estate Group, with a focus on industrial, office, and retail assets in Southern California and San Francisco.

He later joined Abingdon Square Partners in 2017 and was primarily responsible for sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities.

In today’s episode, Chris and Alex go through what IOS is, how Zenith underwrites IOS deals, and how exactly they decided to go all in on IOS.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • What is IOS? (01:02)
  • How did Alex get here? (02:14)
  • How has IOS been maturing? (04:36)
  • What makes a great IOS deal? (11:00)
  • How property management looks (14:10)
  • How is the market developing (15:50)
  • Zenith’s process for new markets (25:05)
  • How Zenith is approaching 2023 (32:56)
  • Driving value (40:07)
  • Episode wrap-up (47:32)

Episode Summary

Alex Olshansky, a big name in real estate, had a fun and engaging chat with Chris Powers on his popular podcast. People love hearing from Olshansky because of his deep knowledge and experience in the field.

Kicking things off, Olshansky took us on a trip down memory lane, talking about how real estate has changed over the years. This set the stage for diving into today’s real estate world. They chatted about the different ways people approach real estate and how it’s important to roll with the punches and adapt to changes.

A cool part of their chat was about how spaces change and adapt. They talked about how properties need to keep up with what people want and how society’s changing. They also touched on the tricky balance between creating new things and keeping the old. And, of course, they talked about the challenges of making changes without causing too much disruption.

They also got into the nitty-gritty of supply and demand in real estate. Olshansky shared some smart thoughts on how tech is changing things and why it’s important to think ahead when planning properties.

Legal stuff came up too. Olshansky shared some wild stories about dealing with legal challenges in real estate. They also chatted about some technical details, like how properties are measured, and why that’s a big deal.

Talking about taking care of properties, Olshansky stressed how it’s a never-ending job. From fixing fences to bigger projects, there’s always something to do. They also dove deep into how to invest wisely in real estate. Olshansky shared some golden tips on where to put your money and how to make smart decisions. They wrapped things up with some advice about being careful and making informed choices.

To sum it up, the podcast episode with Alex Olshansky is unmissable. Anyone interested in real estate would get a lot out of it. Olshansky’s insights, combined with Powers’ great questions, made it a must-listen for anyone curious about the world of real estate.

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