The FORT Podcast: Fort’s 2020 Annual Letter (Audio Version)

This is the audio version of Fort’s 2020 Annual Letter. To read the full-text version, click here.

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(00:21) – A Year for the Record Books

(02:11) – Remaining Focused in 2020

Jim Collin’s – Good to Great

(02:47) – Fort’s Flywheel

(04:15) – C.O.R.

Episode #65 on COR or read about it here.

(05:03) – A Focus on Class B Industrial

(05:47) – Why we are focused on buying and operating Class B Industrial

(08:56) – Strategies for Creating Value Across Our Investments

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(10:40) – Fort’s Track Record

(11:36) – Investors

If you’re interested in investing with us or would like to see our more detailed track record, please reach out to or fill out the ‘I want to invest with Fort’ interest form here.

(12:25) – FCP Management

For Property Management inquiries, please contact Steve Bailey at

(14:08) – A Technology-First Mindset

(15:11) – What FOS Does for Our Company

(16:11) – Advantages of FOS

(17:30) – 2021 Outlook

Episode #91 with Spencer Levy of CBRE

(20:04) – A Shameless Ask

If you know anyone that might have an industrial property to sell, we’d love to meet them. Please get in touch with us here

(20:50) – Get in Touch

If you know of someone who would like to invest in industrial real estate across Texas, we’d love to connect with them. They can email or fill out the ‘I want to invest with Fort’ interest form here

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