Greg Adams

Greg Adams, who joined Fort in 2019 as Director of Technology and has since become the Executive Vice President of Technology in 2022, is a pivotal figure in the firm’s technological transformation. His expertise in integrating disruptive technologies, large-scale data orchestration, and artificial intelligence into the company’s operations has significantly contributed to Fort’s operational efficiencies, scalability, and alignment of technological strategies with corporate objectives. Before his tenure at Fort, Adams made significant strides in the finance sector, where he played a crucial role in supporting operational advancements through periods of substantial growth, an IPO, and an asset expansion to over $200 billion. His innovative work as Director of Business Information at Tempo, Inc. further showcases his capability to leverage technology for operational excellence by developing an advanced data system that connected field data collection and internal operations, enhancing the company’s global operations.

Outside his professional accomplishments, Adams is deeply invested in corporate governance, serving in various capacities on boards and as an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). His commitment to strategic decision-making and leadership excellence underscores his contributions towards Fort’s sustainable growth and its technological forefront in the industry. An alumnus of the University of North Texas with enriching international exposure from study-abroad programs in India and Ghana, Adams’s leadership and innovative spirit extend beyond his professional life. Residing in Oak Cliff with his family, his life is marked by a passion for the outdoors, music, and a profound commitment to impacting the community and Fort positively.

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