The FORT Podcast: Keith Wasserman – Founder of Gelt Inc.

Chris chats with Keith Wasserman, Founder of Gelt Inc. which is one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the country. Gelt focuses on purchasing multi-family communities, storage facilities, and RV parks. You can connect with Keith by email at or @keith_wasserman on Twitter.

(01:05) – Keith’s Background and Career Founding Gelt

(09:59) –  Investing In The Person vs. The Project

(11:14) – Why are you focused on multi-family and mobile home parks as a business model?

(15:14) – How do you think about the future of renting and ownership?

(18:10) – The Biggest Changes in Tech and Living We See For The Future

(23:10) – Other Asset Classes Gelt Focuses On

(31:05) – How do you go about entering new markets?

(33:49) – Building Relationships 

(36:44)- YPO Global Real Estate Fair

(37:52) – Gelt’s Process of Finding Investors & Securing Deals

(45:40) – How has your job changed as the company grows?

(50:27) – Where will the company be at the “end”?

(52:55) – Keith’s Thoughts on Growth

(54:07) – Origins of the Name Gelt, Thoughts on Charity, and Chris and Keith’s Thoughts on The Future of Education

(1:02:15) – Advice For Folks Thinking About Starting Their Own Business

The Fort is produced by Johnny Peterson & Straight Up Podcasts

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